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What Parents are saying about Kid Magic:

Words cannot even begin to describe how wonderful and exceptional Kid Magic is! I brought my son to Kid Magic half-way through his second year of preschool after pulling him from a preschool where he was being bullied. Within months after starting Kid Magic, I began to see my son blossom again. Now a year later, my son is confident, eager to learn, happy and READING!

This is my son's 2nd year at Kid Magic and we absolutely LOVE it! Since attending Kid Magic, he has started telling me about habitats, camoflauging animals, gravity, so many other topics, and (best of all) he is reading and writing at just 4 years old!!! I'm blown away by how much he has grown socially, mentally, and emotionally in the past 2 years! We also really appreciate  all of the time, effort, and care that the staff puts in! They're wonderful!!

Jennifer L.

Our daughter has attended Kid Magic for the last two years and we love it! The teachers are warm and caring and because of the small class size are really able to give our little ones the attention that they need - not to mention that they are all highly qualified individuals who truly want to be where they are at. We love that the focus is on the students feeling confident in the classroom and that our daughter was always learning and always challenged but never felt pressured. She has been able to learn at her own pace and readiness (and she s already reading!) We will be signing her little sister up next!

Karen P.

My son loves his preschool! The teachers provide a very safe and nurturing environment. The program offers a great reading program. Most, if not all, of the children are reading before entering Kindergarten.

Sandra K.

Kid Magic is great! My daughter comes home talking about things she learned that day. Who would have known I'd be listening to my five year old say "nocturnal" or "chlorophyll" & describe what it means?! KHE started reading four months into her first year at Kid Magic. Great experience with everyone there!

Malia Z.

I was looking for a preschool for my daughter and I was not interested in a faith based or Montessori school. I found Kid Magic online, met with Gail and found that Kid Magic is a wonderful mix of choice and structured time. The number one reason that I chose Kid Magic was the percentage of KM graduates actually reading. My daughter has really flourished and gained a confidence and independence that I hadn't expected.

Erica G.

The teachers are great at teaching cause & effect for one's actions. They hold each child responsible for his/her actions. The teachers also structure learning materials/methods differently so that each child gets individual attention.

We came to Kid Magic on a recommendation and it was the best advice we have ever taken. We have many teachers in our family and they have been very impressed with the academics of Kid Magic. As much as we appreciate the learning environment, we really love the nurturing and encouraging from all the teachers. Our daughter will have great memories of Kid Magic for the rest of her life!

This being my son's first experience, my main objective was that he love it. We are now finishing 3 years here and he has come so far. The teachers let the children learn at their own pace all the while pushing them just enough so that they are constantly growing. My son will not only leave Kid Magic as a reader, but most importantly, he will be starting Kindergarten loving school.

Aleta T

My daughter has been at Kid Magic for a year and a half and we could not be happier. Not only is the staff friendly and enthusiastic, they have a great attentiveness to the individual development of each child. Kid Magic has prepared our daughter socially and academically for kindergarten. Our daughter has learned to write her ABCs with the correct strokes and has built a strong passion for reading as a result of the early reading program that is offered.

Linda C

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